Andy Longwood (andy_longwood) wrote in music_is_best,
Andy Longwood

1. Name - Andy

2. Age - 19

3. Favorite band? Why? - Great Big Sea, for their combination of Celtic folk rock and energizing maritime influences. A big selling point for me is their vocal harmonization. I get a lot of enjoyment out of listening to deep-voiced men sing in concert. I also like Enter the Haggis and Loreena McKennitt a lot. I'm a fan of Canadian-Celtic influenced sound.

4. Favorite song by that band? Why? - The version of Lukey's Boat they did with The Chieftains, for being one of the many songs I can't not dance to. Alan Doyle's voice combined with the Chieftain's instrumental work is a winning combination.

5. Favorite lyric or music quote - "These days everyone cries 'say uncle'/I retrieve the memories quickly as I can/add them to the portrait we all draw in our minds/your body gone, we shall keep the man" - Say Uncle, Vienna Teng
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