xjackietheloser (xjackietheloser) wrote in music_is_best,

I have no idea how, but this random song showed up on my computer.  I've heard it before, but I can't figure out the song name or artist. I don't know all the lyrics but I know little tidbits of it. If there's brackets around it, it means I'm not sure if that's the right lyrics.

The first 2 words are "Young and Clean.." but I can't understand the rest.

"I know she's been giving you looks. She knows that skirt is coming down tonight. I know he's been sizing you up. She knows she's going home with this boy tonight."

"Girls are going out cause they're oh so lonely. Never gonna know, never gonna know what [you left, cause it's oh so torn from this bed.]"

"She won't stop talking, all he can think is ['Who are you, too?'] "

"Hands run down her leg, push it real good, feel it now baby. Hands around his neck, push it real good, feel it now baby."

"Stay asleep while [I walk to the door], babe. Don't forget that I'm locking the door, babe."

Sorry, I don't know how to let anybody hear the song without them downloading it themselves. But here is the YSI file if anybody is willing.

any help would be appreciated, so THANKS.
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